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Acts of aggression against the Catholic Church multiply in Poland

Aggression against the Church and believers has been increasing for the last months in Poland. Acts of vandalism and profanation of places and symbols of saints are becoming more frequent. Recently, the facade of the Church of St. Barbara in Warsaw was subjected to vandalism.


Adam Darski is a member of a satanic band Behemoth using the pseudonym Nergal. For years, he has been offending Catholics and sacred symbols. So far, he has gotten away with it. In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that his tearing of a Bible was not a crime.

In September 2019, he published a photo on the web in which the image of the Virgin Mary is trampled. The case went to court. The notification to the prosecutor’s office was submitted, among others, by Ordo Iuris representatives. The case was initially downplayed by prosecutors.

“The law enforcement agency pointed out that since the image of the Virgin Mary is covered with a shoe, it cannot be fully stated whether the painting is actually a religious object. It was stated there that it is well known that Darski is famous for his controversial behaviour,” said Witold Łukasik from the Ordo Iuris Institute.

However, the case was eventually brought to court. Nergal was convicted by the District Court in Warsaw for offending religious feelings.

“On the 25th of September 2019, acting via the Internet, he publicly insulted the object of Christian religious worship in the form of the Virgin Mary (…) The accused (…) was found guilty of the alleged act,” wrote attorney Jerzy Kwaśniewski from Ordo Iuris on Twitter.

Nergal has to pay a fine and court costs. In total, it is over twenty thousand PLN (around 5,350 USD). Dariusz Matecki, who informed the prosecutor’s office about the crime, is satisfied with the decision.

“I hope that this will be such a standard in courts that (…) people who have offended the object of religious worship of Muslims or Jews, but also Catholics and Christians will be indicated,” emphasised Dariusz Matecki.

“Profanations committed by celebrities have more and more support. This is a dangerous phenomenon,” insisted Ewa Kowalewska from Human Life International Polska.

The organisers of the recent pro-abortion protest across Poland encouraged attacks on believers and churches. One of them heard prosecution charges in this case. A place of worship was even desecrated on the 12th of February as a result of this. Inverted crosses and lightning bolts – symbols of the so-called women’s strike- were smeared on the walls of the church of St. Peter and Paul in the parish of St. Barbara in Warsaw, 

Activists from the National Movement and the members of the nationalistic Confederation party demand that the guilty be caught and punished. “I appeal once again to the Prosecutor General, Zbigniew Ziobro, to reveal the perpetrators and bring them to justice, said Marek Szewczyk, a member of the board of the National Movement.

Fr. Prof. Waldemar Cisło pointed out that the constant lack of adequate response from the Church to this type of profanation shows that we are dealing with the syndrome of the silent Church. “If we remain silent and let this happen, we will, unfortunately, witness more and more such brutal situations, and desecration. Silence or no reaction makes you feel impetuous,” he warned.


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