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Rocket assault in Erbíl – the village is „important to our hearts by many aspects”

A Marya Mana iskola Erbílben

On Monday evening there was a rocket assault against Erbíl, which had casualties. Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program noted it on his Facebook page, because the middle eastern village has special ties to Hungary.

“I contacted the local Christian leader, who told, that with God’ help there were no casualities among the congregation, and the aided areas are intact as well. I hope, in the next few hours we will receive similar news from our friends in Iroquoian Kurdistan “ – wrote Tristan Azbej in his Tuesday post.

The state secretary highlighted: “ This place visited personally is near and dear to our hearts: before the destruction carried out by ISIS many Christian and other religious people fled to this place, the Hungarian soldiers posting here, and last but not least, the Hungary Helps Program is connected by its aid to this place.

In the reconstruction of Erbíl Hungary took a huge part. From the aid money they rebuilt that Marya Mana school, which houses the replica of a religious statue from Csíksomlyó, and in its music lesson, they use the Kodály-method.

In 2014, ISIS swarmed the Ninive- Plato, that’s why the inhabitants fled. With Hungarian support they rebuilt the Christian populated Tell-Aszkuf village, so three fourth of the population could return. In his statement last year Tristan Azbej highlighted:

“…this is a success story, the population is so thankful towards Hungary, that they renamed the town, “Tell-Aszkuf, daughter of Hungary”.

Hungary in addition – with 1.4 million dollars – aided the reconstruction of the biggest Christian town in Iraq, Karakos. The aid was granted to Syrian rite Catholic Church, the money was used to clean up the rubbles, de-mining and reconstruction of houses. With the USAID, (United States Agency for International Development) they rebuilt the Saint George Trade Centre, which project aimed to revitalise the local economy.

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