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Hindu nationalists injure Christians in ‘pre-planned’ attack on church construction site

Christians in India’s Jharkhand state were hospitalized after suffering injuries following an attack by radical Hindi nationalists who accused them of constructing an unauthorized church and converting people to Christianity.

ICC reports that on Feb. 11, a mob of 30 Hindu nationalists, led by a man named Shankar, raided the construction site of a new church building and attacked the Christians. 

Many Christians were quickly injured in the attack, including Pastor Ramnath Ram, Pravesh Ram, Sunil Ram, Shiv Shankar Kumar, Shambhu Kumar, Ayan Kumar, Anita Devi, and Ruby Devi.

“The mob was shouting that the Christians were converting people to Christianity,” told an eyewitness. “They said they would not let the Christians continue to live in this place.”

Pastor Ramnath Ram, Pravesh Ram, and Jai Murty Kunwar were all hospitalized due to the severity of their injuries, while local police filed FIR No. 20/21 against the 12 Christians who were attacked by the mob. Three Christians, including Sunil Kumar, Sambu Kumar, and Aryan, were arrested immediately and sent to jail.

“This seems to be a pre-planned incident,” a local Christian, who requested anonymity, told ICC. “The radical nationalists somehow wanted the church to be shut down in this village. That is why they targeted the pastor and the construction of the church building.”

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