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Pastor spends two weeks in jail after false accusation of personal enrichment in Cuba

On the 25th of January, after thirteen days in prison for "personal enrichment", which is an offence in this country that remains officially communist, the Cuban pastor was released and acquitted.


Pastor Karrel Parra Rosabal, a member of Fuego y Dinamica, an independent evangelical church not recognised by the government,  was arrested at his home on the 12th of January, when the police discovered in his home tools he was using to repair bicycles, to gain additional income. He had to prove he had bought the tools legally to be released; the tools were confiscated.

Officials of unrecognised churches believe that authorities are unfairly accusing some pastors to force them to abandon their ministries. The pandemic is also a pretext to monitor pastors and churches, confiscate equipment and impose fines on the faithful.


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