Iraqi prime minister: “Iraq is not Iraq without Christians”

On Thursday, the 18th of February, Iraqi prime minister, Mustafa al Kadhimi received the Council of Heads of Christian communities present in the country and said: "Iraq is not Iraq without Christians".

 “We Iraqis”, remarked the Prime Minister during the meeting”, are strong in our cultural and religious plurality, and we will remain a symbol of coexistence, tolerance and true citizenship, despite all the pitfalls of obscure groups which failed in their plans to destroy our wonderful country”.

The presence of indigenous Christian communities in Iraq since apostolic times – the Iraqi political leader remarked – confirms the capacity for openness that characterizes the civilizations that have followed since ancient times in Mesopotamia.

During his meeting with the representatives of the local Christian communities, the Prime Minister reiterated that political institutions are called upon to fight corruption and promote the coexistence of solidarity between the different social and religious components, affirming the principle of citizenship and protecting the various religious affiliations from any sectarian discrimination.

Armenian Apostolic Archbishop Avak Asadourian, current Secretary of the Council of Leaders of Iraqi Christian communities, speaking on behalf of the entire delegation, praised the current Iraqi government’s efforts to protect the nation’s cultural and religious pluralism.

Source: Fides.org

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