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Christians were forced to eat the Bible in Venezuela

In the attack, four Christians were injured seriously, and many others suffered minor injuries or were forced to eat Bibles.


A criminal group attacked a centre of rehabilitation for drug addicts, called “Twelve Men of Value”, supported by the Christian Church in El Arenal, Venezuela.

Four people were seriously injured in the attack and suffered head, arms and chest wounds. Some Christians had their limbs broken, and some of them were marked with an X, which was carved on their bodies with knives while they were forced to eat pages of a Bible.

Adelis José Lobo, one of the victims of the attack, shared on a social network that the armed men invaded the place and attacked the Christians. They then covered the people’s faces, forcing them to the ground and beating them with sticks.

According to the director of the rehabilitation centre, pastor Cristian Dugarte, the group of vandals was composed of people who were opposed to the church working to free the youngsters from their addictions. He also shared that the attackers asked for a list that contained the names of the people working in the centre, but he refused the request.

Source: Portas Abertas


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