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A Chinese Catholic church will be destroyed in Xinjang

"Too Catholic in appearance" and above all placed along an important road between the city and the airport, the Sacred Heart Church in Yining, which nevertheless has all the necessary permissions, will be destroyed by the Chinese authorities.


This church has already been “sanitised”, that is to say, that the crosses and statues of Saint-Peter and Saint-Paul and the domes and bell towers were dismantled in February 2018 after strong pressure from the authorities on the parish.

The “sanitsation” of places of worship, which also affects mosques  that were forced to remove crescents and minarets, consists in removing visible and particular signs of worship considered to be “foreign” to Chinese identity and in making religious buildings more discreet.

According to Asia News, although authorities do not disclose the reasons for the demolition, the land that bears the church would be reused to build a commercial area instead. 


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