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The anti-Christian phobia continues in Spain

The initiative of making an inventory of crosses present in the public space was initiated by the Zaragoza City Council. Councillors from the Right-wing Vox party asked the municipal council to conduct an inventory of Christian crosses in public space to "protect the cultural heritage" and the Archdiocese.


The idea is motivated by the provisions of the Constitution, which guarantees ideological, religious and worship freedom, and the Aragon statute, which obliges local government authorities to protect the cultural heritage.

As Vox members point out, although the cross is one of the most characteristic elements of cultural heritage in Spain, more and more often “there are open manifestations of hatred against the cross, the religious feelings, culture and faith of our inhabitants are attacked.”

The last such case was in Cordoba in January 2021, where a cross in front of a church was removed. At that time, the socialist Law on Historical Remembrance was referred to, concerning, inter alia, Francisco Franco memorabilia. Interestingly, the regional ombudsman of Andalusia, Jesus Maeztu, supported the elimination of this type of cross and announced the move “to prepare a list of Christian symbols for destruction.”


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