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Spanish Church criticises new restrictions on participation in services

In Spain, criticism from bishops and the Christian Bar Association is growing over the sanitary restrictions in force in the country that limit the participation of the faithful in services.


In most regions, not more than twenty-five people may attend Mass. The bishops publicly criticised the limits on access to temples that have been kept in place, despite the current decline in the rate of infections. The objectors include the Ordinaries of the Dioceses of Burgos, Valladolid, Santander and Valencia.

One of the autonomous communities of Spain that has lifted the limit of twenty-five people on religious services in recent days was Castilla y León, where local authorities were pressured by both the authorities of the Christian Barristers’ organisation and local bishops.

Bishop Luis Argüello, the secretary-general of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference, also expressed satisfaction with the removal of the restrictions. The bishop indicated that the ban on the entry of only twenty-five people, without taking into account the area of ​​the temple, was illogical, exaggerated and discriminating against the faithful.


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