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Another Christian student kidnapped in Pakistan

Another Christian student has been kidnapped from Lahore to be forced into an Islamic marriage.


Mehwish Bibi, a student at the Women’s College in the city of Gujranwala, left her home at 8.10 am on the 18th of February to go to college, but she never returned home. The family suspects she was kidnapped with the aim of forced marriage.

Patras Masih, the young woman’s father, wrote down the following in the investigation report: “We looked for our daughter and started asking people about her. Two Christians, Masih and Akram Masih informed us that they saw a Muslim, Muhammad Sabir, who, with the help of two accomplices, kidnapped her and pointed a gun at her. According to the witnesses, they forced my daughter into a white pickup truck. We ask the police to rescue my daughter as soon as possible. We demand justice and severe punishment for the perpetrators.”

Christian communities have long urged the government to stop the kidnapping phenomenon and the forced conversion of Christian minors, complaining that impunity promotes such crimes.


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