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IS claimed responsibilty for the killing of three journalists in Afghanistan

On the 2nd of March, three journalists were killed in two different attacks in Afghanistan on their way home after work. The journalists were young women between the age of eighteen and twenty, and all worked for local broadcaster Enikass TV.


According to Vatican News, the IS terror group claimed responsibility for the attack. The women were murdered because they worked for “one of the media stations loyal to the apostate Afghan government”.

Zalmai Latifi, director of ENIKASS TV, said the women were gunned down in two separate attacks after leaving the network.

“They are all dead. They were going home from the office on foot when they were shot,” Latifi said.

Two other people, apparently passersby, were wounded in the shootings.

Latifi said the three women were recent high school graduates aged between eighteen and twenty.

Source: Vatican News, Aljazeera

Photo: Vatican News

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