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Italian church set on fire by vandals

“Three young people entered the church. They set fire to the cupboard, damaging the lectern itself," the mayor of Aranova Alessandra Vona explained to local media.


“We have already had the opportunity to personally express our condemnation for the incident and our solidarity (…). We want to extend it to the entire Catholic community of Aranova, offended by this silly and unacceptable gesture,” Vona added.

Roberto Severini, group leader of the civic list Growing Together, noted: “There are no words, the images say it all and should make us reflect on the behavior of our children who are not ashamed of damaging a sacred place like our Church.”

“We hope that the guilty ones together with their parents will find a way to repair such a great scandal, which first of all offended God, but also our entire community of Aranova,” Severini emphasized. 


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