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More than five hundred Christians are trapped in a jungle in Myanmar

In Myanmar, hundreds of Christians have had to leave their homes due to the ongoing armed conflicts between the army and the Karen National Union. Despite the cold weather, many Christians have sought shelter in the forests.


One thousand inhabitants of Kyaukkyi, in the region of Bago, had to leave the village due to the ongoing armed conflicts. Pastor Abraham confirmed this information, shared by Myanmar Now, when he told Open Doors:

“There are nearly five hundred Christians traped in the jungle, in the zone of Kyaukkyi. All these people are Christians and came from five villages. Among them, there are two missionaries, a nurse and a teacher. These people have no place to go, and they cannot return to their homes. They are cold and hungry… Their homes were burned down by the soldiers”.

Open Doors’ local partner also confirmed that the Christian Church could expect further restrictions and attacks because the military government supports extremist Buddhism.

Source: Portes Ouverts

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