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Vandals smash window of a church in Italy

Sergio Abramo, the city mayor, expressed outrage and concern concerning the vandalism that occurred and the damage caused to the church of Santa Maria Della Speranza in the Pistoia district of southern Italy.


“What happened (…) is yet another episode that disturbed the parish community (…). We do not understand the reasons for a gesture of this type that hits the neighbourhood church directly to the heart, which is a point of reference for all residents,” Abramo said:

‘The mayor wanted to reassure the parish that all the necessary steps had been taken [to bring the perpetrators to justice].’

“In reiterating my solidarity and all my closeness to what happened, I immediately asked for the maximum cooperation of the police in order to view any images captured by video surveillance useful for identifying, as soon as possible, the authors of this cowardly act”.


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