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A fire destroyed a Catholic church in Manitoba on Easter Sunday

This is the second Catholic temple belonging to the country's indigenous people that has been burnt in recent months. A suspect has been arrested.


The church ignited shortly after the Mass on Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection. As Sergeant Paul Manaigre said, police officers were informed that the suspect was seen leaving the church when the fire broke out.

Parishioner Marie Wood told the media that local believers cried when the temple caught fire. “People in our community, many weeping, went to see the burning church,” she reported.

Stricken by this painful loss, nearly five hundred kilometres north of Winnipeg, the community is predominantly Roman Catholic. The community has already started collecting funds for reconstruction.

This is the second Canadian indigenous church to burn down in recent months. The same fate befell the Temple in Muncey in November, possibly due to arson.



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