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The pandemic of home abortions in Great Britain

A coalition of nine pro-life organisations has called on the UK government to ban so-called pharmacological abortion, which can be legally performed at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The procedure of killing a child at the request of life activists in Great Britain was called a "cruel experiment."


The Care For Women coalition is campaigning to outlaw a temporary law that allows abortion at home. By receiving powerful abortion pills by mail, free of charge, it is possible to kill a child up to ten weeks of age, just after a phone call or video consultation with a doctor.

The regulation introduced in March 2020 is the biggest change in British abortion law since the practice was legalised in 1967. It was done in a hurry, without public consultation and in the absence of parliamentary scrutiny.

Since March last year, more than 75,000 abortions have been carried out in this way in England and Wales. And nearly 12,000 women were hospitalised, where they were diagnosed with the so-called incomplete abortion.

The temporary law related to the COVID-19 crisis was subject to public consultation, but only in the face of a proposal to legalise domestic abortion permanently. The results of these consultations will be known later this year.


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