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The anti-religious campaign continues in China

Radio Free Asia is alerting that "silent" religious persecution is underway in China. Christians, as well as representatives of other religions, are arrested and then disappear, ending up in "re-education" centres for an indefinite period of time.


Christianity as such – as well as other religions – is perceived by the communist state apparatus as a form of ideological subversion. People associated with the Patriotic Association of Chinese Catholics may also become the subject of interest.

Since February, the authorities have stepped up anti-religious activities. The operation of unofficial “house churches” and biblical groups have been banned, Catholic churches have been further demolished , and supervision over the clergy has been centralised.- The new system is to start operating on the 1st of May.

At the same time, around three million Uighurs are currently in internment camps where executions, forced sterilisation of Uyghur women and rape are taking place.


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