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High school principal suspended for ban on presenting pro-abortion symbols

The authorities of the Polish city of Łódź suspended the headmaster of the high school who forbade students to show political symbols during remote lessons, including those relating to the pro-abortion movement: "red lightning."


“Principal Dariusz Jakóbek has been suspended from acting as the principal of High School no. XXXIV based on the Teacher’s Charter. More specifically, Art. 85, according to which the school authority – in this case, the city – may suspend the teacher acting as the headmaster against whom criminal proceedings have been instituted, or an application for instituting disciplinary proceedings has been filed “- specifies the Łódź edition of” Gazeta Wyborcza  (GW)”.

The school’s “Regulations for placing symbolism in avatars on the school’s Teams platform” prohibits, inter alia, the placing of graphic symbols referring to, inter alia, political parties and organisations, all kinds of associations, as well as “symbols and graphic signs with a vulgar, obscene, ridiculous overtone”.

High school graduate Sandra Osiowa in an interview with GW claims that it was about abortion lightning. She said that the director had threatened them with negative points. She noted that he started comparing lightning to a swastika and said it was a symbol that calls for violence.

The issue was debated at Wednesday’s city council session. Most of the councillors from the Civic Coalition and the Left decided to appeal to the minister of education for changes to the education law.


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