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Polish pro-life activist sentenced to pay a fine for abortion banners

Dr. Bawer Aondo-Akaa was convicted in connection with a public campaign promoting banners depicting unborn children murdered as a result of abortion. The activist has to pay a fine of 1,500 zlotys (around 400 USD) and court costs of nearly 1,300 zlotys (around 350 USD).


In an interview with the portal, the activist states that “the exact charge was that I committed a scandal in a public place”.

“There are more of these absurdities,” he says. “The courts in Zakopane and Nowy Sącz convicted and acquitted me of two different items. The case went from the first instance to the second instance and came back. It was like playing ping-pong. There was even a situation where in the same building, one judge convicted me, and another acquitted me – he explained.

The complaint about the anti-abortion banners were made by Beata Czerska, an activist of the aggressive and anticlerical “Women’s Strike.”



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