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A church was smeared with satanist slogans in France

On the night of the 16th to the 17th of April, satanist-inspired tags were painted in red near the entrance to the Saint-Sernin basilica in the heart of the French city of Toulouse.


Tags “the return of Satan” and “Do not forget your martyrs” have appeared. Other tags, made in the same way and in the same color, were aimed at the Jewish community.

The mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc condemned the tags on the basilica: “this shameful act, which targets both the peaceful Catholic community in Toulouse and the most beautiful jewel of Toulouse’s heritage”.

Pastor Bogdan Velyanyk – of Ukrainian origin, ordained in 2003 in the Greco-Catholic rite, pastor of the Basilica since 2020, bluntly denounces these tags. “In this context of total impunity, it is difficult to demand from people respect and civility […] Today it is the Church, tomorrow it will be something else, the bar is always rising higher, until we can no longer react,” he warned.



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