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The Spanish Left wants to eliminate all crosses from public spaces

Across Spain, local left-wing governments are trying to demolish hundreds of crosses in public spaces, reports Polonia Castellanos, president of the Christian Lawyers Association (AEAC).


Left-wing parties pounced on public crosses, even though the European Court of Human Rights recognised their presence in public space as lawful in a non-confessional state such as Spain. They explain their actions by the desire to “remove remains of Francoism.”

Castilians argues that if this is the case, why is the left not calling for the demolition of, for example, water reservoirs or public buildings built at that time? The country is not seeking to remove the symbols introduced by communists, at the hands of whom thousands of Spaniards died just because they were Catholics.

According to the lawyer, it is about something completely different – pathological hatred of Christ’s cross.

The AEAC has defended public crosses in the past, arguing that they are not a legacy of Francoism but a Christian symbol, free from political ideology, and therefore do not break any law.


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