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Christian man faces violent persecution due to his religion in the Philippines

Portas Abertas shared the story of a young Christian fisherman, who is persecuted because of his faith in the Philippines.


There are thirteen Muslim tribes in the northern region of the Philippines. Christians in this region are the target of a continuous series of violent and discriminating acts.

Muksin is a twenty-year-old Christian who works as a fisherman; he faces persecution in the region where he lives with his family.

Once, when he was going home from fishing, a non-Christian man started to mock him saying: “Look at Muksin.- he cannot lie because he is going to church.” Muskin answered: “You also cannot lie because you pray in the mosque.” When his attacker heard this answer, he became angry and hit the Christian man in the face. This act shocked the community because verbal fights were more common than physical fights.

The face of Muksin was injured, and he went home bleeding. The parents did not know what to do because the man who attacked their son had great influence in the region and belonged to the Tablighi Jamaat Islamist missionary movement.

The following day, the same man passed by the Muskin’s house to provoke the young man. When his father noticed him, he went out and, in anger, attacked the man. The perpetrator, an Islamic extremist, complained immediately to the authorities, who punished the family of Muksin with a fine.

Source: Portas Abertas

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