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Catholic priest and several pro-life activists arrested in New York

Last weekend, New York City police arrested Father Fidelis Moscinski CFR and several other pro-lifers, including Laura Gies, John Hinsha, and Matthew Connolly, who refused to leave the All Women's Care abortion centre.


The pro-life activists handed out roses to women who went to an abortion centre intending to kill their conceived children. They begged their mothers not to kill them.

Since September 2017, pro-life activists have been conducting the Red Rose Rescue rescue operation. It consists in convincing women – while handing out roses – not to kill their children.

It refers to an effective tactic used when the pro-life movement was born, even before congressmen passed the Freedom of Access to Clinics (FACE) laws that imposed severe penalties on life defenders who save children by physically blocking access to abortion facilities.


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