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Polish LGBT activist confronted with the power of mercy after disrupting rosary

On Thursday afternoon, a group of Catholics (mainly elderly people) gathered in the centre of the Polish capital Warsaw to pray in support of the Catholic radio station Radio Maryja. While the group was praying the rosary, a young LGBT activist dressed in rainbow colours tried to disturb them by singing offensive slogans denigrating Poland and Catholicism while smoking a cigarette.


After a few minutes, an elderly woman approached the young girl and, with tears in her eyes, kissed her feet. 

“I am eighty-three years old and I will soon die. All my family fought for the freedom of Poland. My heart is broken as I witness how divided our country is. I am so sad because of our children being misled […] I love you” the woman explained.

“I am twenty-one and I love you too […] Please stop crying,” replied the young girl.

The girl than completely changed her attitude and asked the elderly woman to stop crying. They later both hugged each other before the elderly woman asked the girl to make the sign of the cross, which they both did. 

It is not necessary to understand Polish in order to grasp what occurred during this unusual situation:


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