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Father asks Argentine court to prevent abortion of his child

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A man from San Juan province in Argentina filed for an injunction to prevent his ex from aborting their child, however, the judge rejected the measure, which pro-lifers say shows there is a loophole in the abortion law that ignores fathers, Catholic News Agency reports.


Franco, the father, filed an injunction on April 22 in San Juan Family Court to prevent his ex from having an abortion. According to the man’s version, when the woman realized she was 12 weeks pregnant she decided to opt for an abortion, a decision that ended the relationship.

“As we disagreed, that ended the conversation, but despite that, I suggested that she have (the baby) and give it to me. If afterwards, she wants to go on with her life, she’ll be able to do so,” Franco told AM 1020 radio in San Juan province.

“Everything is focused on women’s rights, but my child also has rights and no one can make a decision concerning him. I have already presented everything I have to the court. Now I hope, please understand, that I just want to give my child the chance to live,” he added.

However, on April 26, Judge Rosa Amanda Días, in charge of San Juan Civil Court No. 11, rejected the injunction to prevent the abortion.

Source: Catholic News Agency

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