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Experiments on aborted children at the University of Pittsburgh

A document has been published on the web presenting the scale and methods of research using the remains of aborted children by the University of Pittsburgh. The funds lead to government pandemic adviser Anthony Fauci.


The Center for Medical Progress (CMP – an American pro-life organisation) has published a report in the form of a video summarising the state of research based on the use of organs and body parts of aborted children at the University of Pittsburgh. The report is based on the results of research published by the university. The publication of the report was preceded by a speech by CMP founder David Daleiden to the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives on the controversy over federal taxpayer funding for such activities.

Already in December last year, there was a lot of talk about medical experiments conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, which included, among others, transplantation of the human scalp and organs into mice. The study, using the remains of an aborted child, was intended to broaden knowledge about the immune system. The report also presents the results of research on the isolation of stem cells from a liver resected from a five-month-old baby.

The CMP report presents a long history of these experiments at the University of Pittsburgh, where research was carried out on aborted babies in the 1950s.

“The University of Pittsburgh is the centre of some of the most barbaric experiments in late aborted human infants – experiments funded by the US government,” comments the narrator of the film.

The film lists people associated with Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates who received their formation at the University of Pittsburgh and those who are still working there.

In addition, the report highlights the sources of funding for research conducted by the institution, indicating, inter alia, for a several million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, whose director is Anthony Fauci.

Two years ago, sources told the CMP that Pittsburgh was one of the main FBI investigators into Planned Parenthood’s involvement in human trafficking, that is, trafficking in aborted foetuses. This is not surprising as CMP investigative journalists were previously told by Planned Parenthood Western Pennsylvania abortion doctors who were Pitt employees that they were supplying the university’s tissue bank, according to the video report.



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