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President of Nigeria expressed his support for kidnapped students

The presidency of Nigeria released a statement via Twitter yesterday aiming to sympathize with parents whose sons were kidnapped while attending school on the 20th of April.


The statement reads: “We deeply share the anguish of the parents of the abducted Greenfield University students. The Federal Government through the military & intelligence agencies is working to support the Kaduna State Govt to bring this tragic saga to an end with no further loss of innocent life.”  

“We will ensure that good triumphs over evil, & that all of the bandits & criminals terrorizing innocent lives & communities are brought to book. This is a time for all Nigerians to unite, regardless of religion, ethnicity or partisan affiliation—against a common, dastardly enemy.” 

Public response to the announcement is largely negative, showcasing citizens growing frustrations over lack of government security.


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