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According to members of Hungarian Atheism Facebook group— more Christians should die for their faith

An article, which says that thousands of Christians are murdered every year because of their faith, was shared in an atheist Facebook group. Many commented even more needed to die. While Facebook usually removes pro-life and anti-LGBT contents, referring to incitement to hatred, these remarks were left without comment.

On the 20th of April, an article by ATV was shared in a Hungarian Facebook group called “Atheism”. The article is about an interview in which Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program, says that thousands of Christians are murdered for their faith in the world every year.

According to many members of this group, this number is not enough, and more Christians should die. Some of the comments say: “Well done. They should kill more.” “There is a simple solution: you should not be a follower of Christ” or even “The problem is that ONLY thousands [ have died]”. These comments are getting  like and love emoji reactions, as an approval by the other members.

In response, Tristan Azbej shared an open letter on his Facebook page, addressed to Facebook’s Central and Eastern European political director, Gabriella Zsófia Cseh, to protest against the company’s double standard by which Facebook treats the phenomenon of anti-Christianity.

According to the State Secretary, in the last few weeks, the number of contents that incite religious and ethnic hatred has increased on Facebook, especially against Christians. He writes that Facebook does not act against this kind of contents and does not treat them as contrary to their community principles. He has called the attention of the political director to this double standard and expressed his displeasure.

Source: Facebook/Azbej Tristan, Atheism Facebook group

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