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Hundreds of Canadians march in defense of life in Ottawa

Pro-life Canadians are marching in the nation’s capital to peacefully protest against government-sanctioned abortion on demand and euthanasia in the 2021 Canadian National March for Life.


The march began at around 1:30 p.m., with hundreds, if not thousands, demanding “legal protection for every human being from conception to natural death.”

Pro-life Independent MP Derek Sloan spoke at the rally preceding the march. His family was present, as well. “I don’t believe that having families, that having children slows down your life,” said Sloan.

“I’ve always been pro-life, I haven’t always been super faithful, I am now […] I’ve always had issues with abortion, it just doesn’t seem fair. It’s violent, it violates one of the most peaceful areas we have in life, it doesn’t seem fair to the baby.”

Debbie Duval, National Capital Organiser for Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), the organiser of the event, said, “We are here to changes the minds of our leaders and their hearts.”

“Welcome to you, the grassroots, thank you for showing up,” she exclaimed, noting that the Canadian March for Life is not an anti-mask rally, but about “the right to life” for everyone, “from conception to natural death.”


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