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Churchgoers fined nearly $75.000 for Sunday worship in Nova Scotia

More than two dozen adults who showed up Sunday morning to worship at a tiny parish in rural Annapolis Valley received fines totaling nearly $75,000. RCMP ticketed 26 people $2,422 each and fined Weston Christian Fellowship Church $11,622.50 for violating rules in the second lockdown that authorities put in place April 28, according to an RCMP press release.


Seventy-one people have died with a positive COVID-19 test result in the past fourteen months in the Atlantic province, where 9,720 people died between July 2019 and 2020, so official coronavirus deaths amount to 0.72 percent of annual reported deaths in the province. 

Though the population in the small maritime province grew by 3,551 people between the first quarters of 2020 and 2021, more people died (9,835) in the year before the pandemic began.

Costco and Walmart stores and other large chains have remained busy with packed parking lots and lineups, but RCMP has stepped up doling out harsh punishments to individuals, including fining a man $2,422 for “non-essential travel” outside of his Halifax municipality after he was pulled over on his way to hike the Skyline Trail in the remote and sparsely populated highlands of Cape Breton.

One seventeen-year-old was given two $2,000 fines for failing to isolate in Bedford, Nova Scotia and RCMP officers reportedly responded to a call about a man not wearing a mask in the public area of his apartment building. 

Police also fined three men from Halifax when people complained about them fishing in their community. RCMP is cracking down on churchgoers like those in the tiny farming community of Weston, where thirteen men and thirteen women gathered to worship on Sunday.


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