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Hindu nationalists killed fifty-two-year-old Chriatian man

A fifty-two-year-old Christian was shot dead in an attack on a Christian family by radical Hindu nationalists in India’s Rajasthan state. According to the local sources, three other Christians were seriously injured after they were brutally beaten with a gun, swords, and sickles.


International Christian Concern reports that on the 18th of May, a mob of fifteen radical Hindu nationalists carrying swords, sickles, and a gun attacked the family of Pastor Ramesh Bumbariya at his home in the Bansawra District. The mob reportedly attacked the family after they refused to renounce their Christian faith.

During the assault, the radicals pointed the gun at Pastor Bumbariya and attempted to shoot the pastor. The gun, however, failed to fire. Later the assailants pointed the gun at Pastor Bumbariya’s father, Bhima Bumbariya, and shot the 52-year-old Christian. After his father collapsed to the ground, Pastor Bumbariya was knocked unconscious.

Pastor Bumbariya and two other members of his family were transported to the government hospital in Udaipur, but the hospital staff refused to admit the injured Christians due to COVID-19 regulations. Later, the injured Christians were admitted to a nearby private hospital.

Source: International Christian Concern

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