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Ten years after the Arab spring Uprising Christians are still under pressure in Tunisia

Ten years after the Arab Spring Uprising, Christians in Tunisia still face discrimination, ostracisation, attacks and feel they have remained second-class citizens.

In Tunisia, none of the Christian Churches is recognised, and Christians have to come together secretly. Plainclothes police officers supervise the faithful and infiltrate the house churches.

However, the Tunisian government is not the only one responsible for persecution. In the past two years, radical Islamism has significantly strengthened in the country. In 2020, many house churches were attacked by religious extremists. In addition, hate speech against Christians is multiplying on social media. Recently, two imams shared a video in that they invite people to kill Christians,  accusing them of being spies against Islam.

But the greatest difficulties that Tunisian Christians have to face are coming in their everyday life. They are harassed by their family, friends and members of the local community.

Source: Portes Ouvertes

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