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Christian girl raped in her own home by Muslim men in Pakistan


A thirteen-year-old Christian girl, Sheeza Waris, was raped in her own home yesterday, the 26th of May. She lives with her family near the Airport in Karachi, Pakistan.


On the day of the attack, both of her parents were on their duty, and Sheeza was alone at home when three men, aged between 30 and 40, came to her house. One of them, named Muhammad Ramzan, stayed outside to keep an eye on the street while the other two climbed the wall and entered the house. They went to Sheeza’s room and raped her.

The man, who had been waiting outside, was later arrested by Police. He said the other two men, named Muhammad Ali and Qari Hussain, are his relatives. Police are trying to prove Muhammad Ramzan’s innocence because he didn’t do anything to the girl. However, he was also involved in the plan of the two rapists. 

Source: Stop Christian Persecution group

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