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Iranian Christian man was condemned to death, but God saved his life

Taher is a Christian man in Iran, father of two, who was condemned to death for being a Christian. After his verdict, he continued praying in prison, and God miraculously saved his life.


In Iran, converting to Christianity means turning against the country. Taher is a Christian father of two whose house was invaded by the secret police while he was working. The police conducted a house search, looking for some Christian objects, and especially photos of the family with other Christians.

Taher was taken to the police and interrogated. He was threatened with imprisoning his family and asked to write the names of his Christian fellows. He refused to write names; instead, he wrote on the paper: “God is love”.

He was condemned to death for apostasy and sent to prison. In the prison, he continued to pray for the judge and his verdict. Some days later, a prison guard came and told him that he did not know why, but Taher is freed.

He went home to his family and continues praising God.

Source: Portas Abertas

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