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Christian doctor suspended for praying for COVID-19 patients in India

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that a Christian doctor in India has been suspended from working with COVID-19 patients due to allegations of attempted forced conversion. Dr. Sandhya Tiwari who was hired as part of the Madhya Pradesh State’s “Kill Corona” Program is facing criminal charges after offering prayers of healing to her patients affected by the virus.


After a local man took offense to Dr. Tiwari’s actions, a criminal case was filed, and police officials confiscated her mobile phone and Christian pamphlets.

In a short video, currently making rounds on social media, Dr. Tiwari defended her actions, saying, “What is wrong in telling them that God heals? I did not tell anybody to convert or forced anybody to pray to Jesus, I am being a Christian, I told them that Jesus heals.”

A local Christian source spoke with International Christian Concern (ICC) anonymously, stating, “This is the state of religious freedom in our state, we can be booked for a conversion that we might have with people of other faith, in most cases the facts are twisted to suit to an agenda and sadly the state machinery are handy to victimise the minorities.”


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