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Satanists sue Texas for lack of “abortion ritual” freedom

A "community" called The Satanic Temple has brought a lawsuit against the Texas state government, whose governor recently signed the Heartbeat Act restricting abortion rights.


In the case file of the Satanic Temple (TST) and its member Ann Doe, we read: “Ann Doe is a TST member who intends to attend a religious ceremony that will culminate in an act of abortion. Texas abortion laws disrupt this ceremony, which raises constitutional suspicions.”

One of the laws introduced by the Republican side is the record of women’s consciousness. The state has banned abortions unless the mother first sees her baby on an ultrasound scan and waits 24 hours to make a decision. Members of the satanic sect said such a law was “medically unnecessary.”

A Satan worshiper does not like the fact that she will have to see her child before having an abortion. Therefore, she refers to the constitutional provisions on religious freedom in order to be able to complete the ritual murder of her own child in an unrestricted manner.

`I am sure Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will be proud to see Texas’ robust religious freedom laws, which he defends so loudly, prevent future abortion rituals from being interrupted by unnecessary government restrictions designed only to embarrass and harass abortion seekers, the spokesman of the sect Lucien Greaves explained.

The former Satanist Zachary King spoke to the Lepanto Institute about the importance of abortion as a victim in satanic rituals. “In Satanism, killing someone is the most effective way to complete a spell. When it comes to trying to get Satan’s approval to give you something you want, killing something is the best way. Killing something is Satan’s greatest sacrifice, and if you can kill an unborn child, it is his ultimate goal, King explains.

Therefore, the Satanic Temple is heavily involved in abortion activism in the United States and supports the pro-abortion organisation Planned Parenthood. Conservative service Breitbart described the sect’s activity as “a pro-abortion crusade to come to the aid of America’s largest abortion provider,” Planned Parenthood.


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