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Boko Haram aims at creating a theocracy in Nigeria

As reported by Aid to the Church in Need, during the vigil Mass for Fr. Alphonsus Bello, Bishop Matthew Kukah of Sokoto gave a homily on the increasingly dramatic situation in Nigeria. The service took place after the murder of the parish priest of St. Vincent Ferrer in Malumfashi. A retired parish priest, Fr. Joseph Keke, has also been kidnapped by unknown individuals.


In the north of Nigeria, for almost twenty years, terrorist activity has been carried out by the Islamist organisation Boko Haram, responsible for numerous crimes against the Church and the civilian population. In addition, there are a number of other gangs in the country that the government of President Muhhamad Buhari not only struggles to deal with but is accused of, in various forms, of succumbing to pressure from organised crime.

The situation in Nigeria cries out for faith and understanding. Nowhere in the world are innocent citizens gruesomely murdered in broad daylight without consequences. (…) My brothers and sisters, today, as we are all reliving the circumstances of the mindless murder of our beloved son and priest, Alphonsus Yashim Bello, we are forced to ask ourselves how did Nigeria get into the tragic situation we find ourselves in today,” Bishop Kukah explained.

The bishop also referred to the political and religious line of President Buhari, who, under the guise of democracy, introduces a Muslim theocracy, indirectly supporting jihadist terrorist groups. According to the bishop, the introduction of such a system is the cause of the current situation.


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