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Christian woman tortured for twenty days in Pakistan

According to the Pakistan Christian Post, a Christian mother of five was abducted on the 1st of April, 2021, and spent twenty days in captivity while being repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten.


“According to her husband, Warris Masih, Venus Bibi went out for household shopping,” wrote the Post, “On her way back home some Muslim men blocked her way and told her accompany them and not make a noise.”

“Before she had time to process what they were saying, they grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to a car parked nearby.”

Warris reported that his wife’s abductor was Muhamad Akbar, a man who was said to have kidnapped a Christian female previously but escaped punishment due to his wealth and influence.

After his wife’s abduction, Warris made several attempts to get policemen to demand her release. Finally, police forced Akbar to release Bibi and she was later found, unable to walk, on a roadside near her village of Sahoo Ki Malian.


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