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Jihadists killed at least 130 in Northern Burkina Faso

According to government officials, suspected Islamic extremists killed more than 130 civilians during an overnight raid on Friday, June 4th, in northern Burkina Faso.


“During the three-hour onslaught on Yagha village, the militants shot indiscriminately, torching homes and a market before lobbing explosives at civilians seeking refuge in gold-mining holes…” wrote The Wall Street Journal.

“No one has claimed the killings, but government officials say it was the work of Islamic State’s regional affiliate, the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, or ISGS, which has killed hundreds of civilians in recent months.”

Burkina Faso, once seen as a harmonious nation of religious tolerance, has experienced a jihadist uprising since 2015 along with the rest of Africa’s Sahel region. Since then, civilians have been subject to grave acts of violence and human rights violations at the hands of extremist groups, who often target Christians, their leaders, and places of worship. A three-day national mourning period has been declared by the country’s president, Roch Kabore.


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