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Another Christian girl kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan

A thirteen-year-old Christian girl, Nayab started to work in a hairdresser salon to earn some money to help her poverty-stricken family during the school break. One day, the owner of the salon, Muhammad Sadam Hussain, kidnapped and raped her.


After her family failed to locate her, they filed a report to the police. About fifteen days later, she was brought to court as the wife of her kidnapper, Muhammad Sadam Husain, a forty-eight-year-old man with five children and three wives.

In the court, her conversion to Islam certificate issued by a Mosque was produced where she was shown as a 19 year old woman. In reality, according to the government identification database, her Church baptism certificate and her school certificate, she is only thirteen.

The judge did not accept these facts and ordered Nayab to go and live with her abductor as his wife. This was not the first case when a Pakistani decided to kidnap and forcefully convert minor Christian girls.

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Another Christian girl kidnapped, raped and forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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