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Two buses ambushed by al-Shabaab militants in Kenya

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International Christian Concern (ICC) reported that two passenger buses driving along the Mandera-Nairobi route in Kenya were ambushed on June 7 by Somali-based al-Shabaab militants. Three people died in the attack.


The ambush took place between Olla and Sarman villages in northern Mandera, leaving three dead and several others injured. Among the three were two security officers of the escort team guarding the convoy who were shot dead as they approached to rescue the passengers.

Confirming the incident, the region’s police commander, Rono Bunei, said, “The incident happened in the morning hours when suspected al-Shabaab fighters laid a trap to two civilian buses and one police escort vehicle along the Moyale Mandera road within Banisa municipality, where an exchange of fire took place, leading to three fatalities and several people wounded.”

He added, “The area has no mobile telephone network and the attackers may have taken advantage of this.” These attacks often take place in remote areas, where it will take the police a long time to respond. It also means that there is a high likelihood that no one will be able to call for help.


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