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Abducted Pakistani Christian girl given back to her family by court, but her abductor has not been punished

In the Sindh Province of Pakistan, a ten-year-old minor Hindu girl named Bhagwanti Kumari was kidnapped, raped and forced to marry a thirty-nine-year-old man named Ali Ahmed Sumro. The court handed the girl over to her family, but her abductor was not punished.


The girl’s parents hired a Hindu lawyer. During court proceedings, the lawyer requested the judge to ask the girl whether she wanted to go back to her parents. His petition was rejected, and the girl was sent back to her abductor.

Later, the judge was replaced by another one, who finally asked the girl if she wanted to go back to her family. As soon as she was asked this question  the girl ran to her parents and hugged them.

The abductor claimed that the girl was impressed by Islam, so she converted and married him. However, the girl claimed that she had, in fact, been kidnapped and raped by Sumro and that she was forced to convert to Islam and marry him.

The girl was allowed to return to her family, but the abductor was not punished, even though he committed crimes like kidnapping, rape, and forcefully converting a minor.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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