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Over 120 people ran to raise money to help Christian children in Egypt

On the 29th of May, more than one hundred and twenty people ran in Belgium to raise money to help Christian children in Egypt who face religious discrimination in their schools.


The participants belong to fifteen different churches from around the country. They aimed to raise money to finance a project favouring Egyptian Christian children who are victims of religious discrimination at their school. In all, they raised more than €20,000. This amount will help to provide psychological and spiritual support for nearly four hundred and fifty children.

The participants started in groups of twenty-five and could choose between distances of 2.5 km,  5 km and 10 km. After the competition, the participants prayed together for the Christian children in Egypt.

“We are all very happy and satisfied for participating. We would gladly do it to support the cause”,  said one of the participants.

Source, photo: Portes Ouvertes

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