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Two Christians falsely condemned for blasphemy acquitted after seven years

Shaguftah Kausar and his husband, Shafqat Emmanuel, had been condemned after a false accusation of blasphemy in 2014. After seven years on death row, in 2021, they were acquitted.


Shaguftah and Shafqat, a Catholic couple, were arrested for blasphemy in 2013 and condemned to death in 2014. They were charged with sending blasphemous messages to Muslims even though both of them are illiterate.

They were condemned under the controversial blasphemy law, often used as a pretext to appropriate land, settle personal grudges, commercial rivalries, etc.

In July of 2013, their accuser, Muhammad Hussein, claimed that the Christians had sent text messages to his phone, insulting Mohamed and the Koran. The messages came from the phone of Shaguftah, which he had lost months earlier. Finally, under pressure, the couple pleaded guilty, and they were sentenced to death.

Seven years later, due to the intervention of the European Parliament, the court acquitted the Christians, and they could leave prison. However, after seven years of torture, both of them are psychologically and physically weakened.

Source: Portes Ouvertes

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