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Homes of nine Christian families destroyed in India

According to local sources, almost forty Christians in India were displaced from their village after their homes were destroyed by local Hindu radicals. The Christians are now forced to live in temporary shelters built in the jungle.


Nine Christian families have resided in Sikapai village, located in India’s Odisha state, for at least 14 years without incident. However, in March 2021, that all changed when two Christian women were attacked by Hindu men as they were collecting water from the village well.

The Hindu men who attempted to sexually assault the Christian women after they denied the Christians access to the well. Local Christians filed a report with police, and this instigated hostility between Sikapai’s Hindu and Christian communities. As a result, some villagers began to claim that Christians should not be allowed to live in Sikapai.

On the 9th of June, a mob of Hindu radicals, including many villagers from Sikapai, attacked the homes of the Christian families. One by one, the Christian homes were ransacked and destroyed. Police were called to the scene; however, they did nothing to stop the homes from being destroyed.


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