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Hungarian Parliament approves Anti-Paedophilia bill

On the 15th of June, the Hungarian parliament approved a bill to punish paedophilia with greater severity. According to this bill, the promotion of homosexuality in the framework of sexual education classes will also be prohibited. Some opposition deputies have also voted for the law along with the governing party

The legislation says that paedophiles will be prohibited from holding certain positions where they can be in contact with minors. There will also be a register containing the data of people who have ever committed paedophilia. However, this register can be used only in defence of the children. The bill also stiffens the penalty for child pornography.

Moreover, the parliament voted also to ban the promotion of homosexuality and gender reassignment surgery in the framework of sexual education classes at school. The bill was formulated in response to the accelerating spread of LGBT propaganda in Europe and Hungary,  which is also aimed at the younger generations.

In 2020 an LGBT storybook for young children was published. The book was sold to kindergartens despite many parents expressing their concerns about LGBT propaganda for children between three and seven.

The legislation also protects the right of children to identify with their original gender.

Deputies voting for the bill numbered 157, one voted against it, and 41 abstained. It means that the 116 deputies of FIDESZ-KDNP and some opposition representatives agreed on the importance of this initiative.

In Hungary, liberals demonstrated against the new legislation. However, conservatives, including the FIDESZ supporters, who, according to the latest polls, represent around 50% of the adult population in Hungary, welcomed the decision in defence of children. It means that liberal fake news, according to which the government’s measures are not supported by civil society, is a lie.

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