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A Christian nurse was murdered in Pakistan

The family of his female colleague murdered the Christian man because they believed both were involved in an intimate relationship. Muslim men often try to convince Christian girls to convert as marriage between a Christian man and a Muslim woman is not accepted.

Simon Arshad was a nurse working in Shifa International hospital in Pakistan. According to his family, a Muslim nurse was working in the hospital with him, and her family thought that the two of them were together.

The woman’s family members went to the hospital and threatened him, but he denied having any relationship with his colleague. He said they were just colleagues.

It is considered taboo for a Christian man and Muslim woman to be in a relationship or get married in Pakistan. But on the other hand, it is normal for a Muslim man and a Christian woman to be in a relationship; it is even encouraged. For this reason, Simon was receiving death threats from the nurse’s family and later, on 6th June 2021, he was shot on the street when he was going back home.

According to his family, he was the victim of a pre-planned murder, but police say that he was caught in a crossfire between robbers and police. This is how police cover up incidents of hate crimes against Christians in Pakistan. His family are demanding a  high-level judicial inquiry to provide justice for him.

Source: Persecution of Christians group

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