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Christian families driven into jungles in India

Tribal animists forced more than fifty Christians from three villages to flee their homes and take shelter in the jungles of eastern India last month.


The Christians belong to 13 tribal families of Rayagada District, Odisha state who have been stranded in the jungle without proper shelter, food, water and electricity.

“It is the rainy season now, and we fear the sickness that comes with rainfall, the poisonous insects and the unhygienic conditions we are living in,” Nori Kanjaka of Sikarpai village told Morning Star News.

Five Christian families fled Kotlanga village on the 7th of June after receiving threats. They took the threats seriously as villagers who practice traditional religion in Sikarpai, twenty miles away, on the 23rd of May had destroyed the roofs of the homes of six Christian families, looted their belongings and beat them, driving them into the jungle, victims said.

The villagers in Kotlanga had threatened to assault the five Christian families and prevented them from building their roofs. Opposition was so fierce, according to sources, that the Christians had to flee to the jungle to avoid attack on the night of the 7th of June and joined the Sikarpai Christians who were already sheltering in there.


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