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One-month-long prayer for the Indian Christians

The Hindu nationalists announced that they would eradicate religious minorities in India until the end of this year. Portes Ouvertes launched a thirty-one-day-long prayer for Christians in India and invited people to use the #StandForTruthIndia hashtag on social media.


On the 24th of June, Portes Ouvertes shared a video in which they announced the launch of common prayer for the Christian minority in India. The thirty-one-day-long prayer month will start on the 1st of July, and the participants will say a prayer every day, worded by Portes Ouvertes for Indian Christians.

Portes Ouvertes are hoping that tens of thousands of people will participate in the initiative from all around the world. If you want to participate and get the e-mails with the prayers you can join here. Moreover, you can also pray together with other people every Thursday in July on a Zoom link that you can find here.

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