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Chinese woman who survived Mao’s terror warns Americans against Marxism

A Chinese woman living in the US warns Americans against a Marxist revolution. The woman survived the Cultural Revolution in the Middle Kingdom and sees that in the United States today, the "critical theory of race" is used for the same thing: to divide society and build a totalitarian system.


Xi Van Fleet is a Chinese woman living in Virginia, USA. As a child, she survived communist ideological terror in China. A woman spoke at a public school meeting about imposing a “critical race theory” on her students. Her speech received a lot of attention in the United States. Xi Van Fleet also talked about the analogies between Mao Zedong’s communist cultural revolution and Marxism in the US on Fox News.

“I would like Americans to know that what is happening now in our schools and in our country is in fact a repetition of the cultural revolution in China,” she told Fox News.

“I want people to see the similarities – similarities that are terrifying. They use the same ideology, methodology – and even the same vocabulary. They have the same goal. Cultural Marxism is their ideology. We are divided into groups of persecutors and persecuted. Now race is used, they used class. People in the US who hold different views are referred to as racists. In the Cultural Revolution, the patch was counter-revolutionaries. It’s a hat that fits everyone. Once it’s on your head, your life is ruined,”she pointed out.

They have a very similar methodology called cancel-culture. We in China have erased the entire pre-communist Chinese civilisation. We changed the names of schools, streets and shops. We even changed our own names. My name is Xi, I got it from the city where I was born. Xi means west. […] I really wanted to change my name because I wanted to be more communist. I’m glad my parents persuaded me not to do it, she added.


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